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The Platform is a general set of principles and beliefs developed to aid individuals to think realistically and rationally about important issues. All statements below reflect a certain amount of truth and common sense. The Platform is not meant as a detailed document that addresses every issue and policy of importance, just the most obvious ones. It is realistic, confronting the world as it exists, not as it wishes it to be. I understand that issues are far more complicated than discussion in this space allows; these are general guidelines.


I, Trek Thunder Kelly, believe in the inalienable, natural rights of each individual, including the rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. I agree with our nation's founders that government is instituted to protect those rights and will oppose all efforts to interfere with their legitimate exercise. I am committed to defending the Constitution of the United States, blah, blah, blah... the People.

The Economy & Taxes

Feeling blue about the economy? Well, aren't we all. I affirm the efficiency and productivity of the market economy, allocating resources by the free play of supply and demand. A primary objective of government is to provide an unencumbered environment for the expansion of jobs and income through open markets and individual enterprise.

A strong economy and its resulting prosperity require a sound infrastructure. We must reinvest in California, improving our transportation systems, offering better educational institutions, medical facilities, and water utilization. These programs can be funded from the taxes derived from legal gambling, drugs, and prostitution. In addition, every family should have a subsidized internet connection and computer to allow them access to all information and efficiency made possible by this burgeoning medium. The internet is the great modern equalizer, tying people together. It should be as unregulated and as uncensored as possible.

Arbitrary regulations and bureaucracy are, by definition, unnecessary. However, it is important to have strong, efficient regulations to guide and deter businesses from engaging in deleterious activities. California's combined income and sales tax rates are among the highest in the nation. Taxes should be collected only to the point where they are most effective; superfluous taxation reduces and redistributes income rather than creating wealth and fueling a healthy economy. I would reduce and eliminate taxes that drive business, capital, talent, and jobs to other states. I entirely oppose the adoption of Internet-related taxes.


I support Workfare for welfare recipients who are able, thus alleviating some of the burden of the welfare state on tax-payers.

Big Goverment & Trade

Government monopolies and mandates reduce the quality and increase the price of all consumer products and services. I favor reduction and elimination of all regulatory barriers and subsidies on trades and occupations. Every worker should have a right to choose or decline union representation. I support competitive private sector participation and privatization in all welfare, transportation, utilities, and other government services. I support the principles of free, fair and open trade with foreign nations, providing America's sovereignty and security are uncompromised.

Crime and Justice

Simply: An individual guilty of purposefully killing someone, not in self-defense, should be put to death. Think about it. We kill thousands of foreigners per year, many of whom have caused Americans no harm, without a trial. Why not destroy a person we find guilty? I believe those against the death penalty are idealistically inconsistent. Almost anyone would kill under the right circumstances. If someone was threatening your mother or child's life and the only way to stop them was to kill them, would you do it? If so, why is taking their life then, for an act they haven't even committed yet, more ethical than taking their life later? Additionally, people generally try to avoid that which is harmful or potentially life-threatening, as a result, the death penalty acts as an effective deterrent in many cases. I also support the "Three Strikes and You're Out" initiative as long as it doesn't pertain to drugs.

Our current Prison System is an archipelago of gladiator academies. Inmates have to battle to survive, honing violent skills and building resentment; these traits make them very dangerous when they are released. Prisoners should exist in a protected, safe environment. This means one prisoner per cell (the over-crowding issue could easily be overcome by releasing all prisoners incarcerated on drug-related charges), one hour per day of exercise, no television, no books, no entertainment. Eight hours per day should be devoted to some sort of work, possibly to off-set the cost of prison, or to compensate the victim's families.


Let's deal with reality instead of hopeful ideals. Drugs should not be a law enforcement issue. As long as there is demand, there will be suppliers. Demand for drugs, including alcohol, has existed since the beginning of human history. We waste enormous resources trying to shut the drug trade down, to punish users, to ferret out suppliers only to have them pop up somewhere else. Why not make money by bringing the trade into the private sector where it can be controlled and taxed? The resulting money could benefit the public through anti-drug education efforts and the rehabilitation of addicts, or it could be used to subsidize other important programs like buying more parkland, or funding college educations. It seems ludicrous to allow criminals and foreign warlords to profit from this enterprise, thus increasing street violence, the proliferation of guns, and the flight of U.S. currency to undeserving regimes.

Gambling should also be legalized; the taxes derived from these activities, could help those with addictions, and fund important charities or public programs.

I absolutely support the rights of adults to make their own decisions, their rights of privacy, and their rights to engage in any activity they wish, as long as it doesn't hurt others. This includes the right to bear arms, the right to pornography, the right to euthanasia, the right to marry whomever you wish, and as many people as you wish, regardless of sex, race, or religion.

Defense & Veterans

National Security is a priority, and I believe in a strong military. A primary responsibility of government is to protect its people. The United States has enemies, and while it is important to solve problems through diplomacy, it must be backed by a threat of power. As a result, it is important to maintain military superiority and to continue defense research and the implementation of such programs as the Strategic Defense Initiative.

In a changing world, military personnel should be committed to the places of necessity, and supported by the economic power of the U.S. in placating and reshaping the regions under their operation.

Recognizing the special sacrifices of those who are serving and have served in our nation's armed forces, I support reasonable compensation and state income tax exemptions for the pay of California's residents on active duty and for retirement benefits of veterans and their survivors.


Obviously a necessity, but can we save some money and cease subsidizing failing farms? This will allow for water resources to be allocated more efficiently, as well as increasing the amount of land available for animals and environmental protection.

*(why re-invent the wheel?) Liberally plagiarized from the Democratic and Republican platforms.