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The Word

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WORD is year-long interactive performance art piece that will form the cornerstone of a broader exhibition exploring the meaning of text, poetry, and the possibilities of mutual participation through the internet... Starting January 1st, 2006, I wore all black and one word each day in a specially designed harness that came off only when I showered or slept. The subsequent strands, over the course of a year, eventually became a 365 word, free-form poem. I was the editor and vehicle. I derived the text solely from internet contributors who submitted words for me to choose from each day. As a result, the poem built as the year progressed, unraveling chronologically across my chest. By my own rules, I was only allowed to choose from the words I received each day, and was thus circumscribed by what was submitted. This presented a challenge in wrangling consistency and meaning... and I was often surprised by the twists and turns the poem and project took. Below are the images participants saw and read, along with the final, formatted version of the poem. Each day is a story, each word is its voice.

May 20, 2024
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