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Trek Thunder Kelly's WORD project reaches halfway point
Interactive performance art project involves community, technology and poetry in an effort to bring awareness to literacy by portraying our existence in a world where individuality can be lost in the commercial blitz of urban consumerism and conformism.

7/5/06 Venice, CA - After six full months of wearing a word on his chest, artist Trek Thunder Kelly's year-long interactive performance-art piece is going strong, and half over. His decision to wear words comes on the heels of other reality-based performance pieces... a full year in a tuxedo, and another year adorned entirely in the same shade of royal blue (while running for Governor of California).

The Word Project involves text and the endless possibilities relating to the meaning and construction of thoughts... through WORDS. This interactive 365 word poem will be exhibited, one word each day, on Trek's chest and chronicled photographically on his website, The text of the poem is derived solely from website visitors who witness the poem evolve through the posted images. At year's end, the photos will be assembled in a gallery, showing Trek's life - grocery shopping, eating tacos, hitting the slopes - in the Word.

About the Artist
Trek Thunder Kelly (1969-2009) was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A third generation artist, Trek double-majored at UCLA, subsequently moving to Venice Beach, California. Trek's primary focus is in exposing and satirizing branding and media by juxtaposing familiar images against contrasting backgrounds, or by tweaking them slightly to achieve provocative effects. It is important for Trek to push the boundaries of what art is, how it's interpreted, and what it means.


Trek Thunder Kelly
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