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The juicy pearls of Trek Thunder Kelly's art, the obvious and less obvious payoffs, are found in the conflating of dozens of media (paintings, drawings, custom manufactured products and displays) into coherent, subversive and consistent messaging. This corporate marketing technique succinctly captures the spirit of our specific time and place, and comments on both the imaginative and tangible worlds of our incessant culture of consumption (and consumption of culture). We are the most marketed to generation the world has ever seen. Trek's art can be interpreted as an evolution of Pop Art concepts, intensified and re-imagined for our frantic and driven generation. In this process Kelly examines the love/hate relationship we have with mercantilism, our ravenous thirst for "the real" and the boundaries of what art is and what it can be.

Some of Kelly's intentions, if unexamined, may impact the viewer as simple or gimmicky (just like a good advertisement), but examined through dialogue and a breadth of perspectives, they become radical catalysts for a broad and deep kind of cultural self-awareness. His cumulative deluge of marketing concepts creates the effect of a new perspective. It is in this new perspective where his art offers the possibility of a profound power, the interstices of Trek's creative decisions and the viewer's personal discoveries.

Frey Norris Gallery is pleased to present, Hotel California, the debut solo exhibition for Los Angeles based artist Trek Kelly, opening Thursday March 15, 2007 and continuing through April 29, 2007.

Levitra Casting Couch & Cialis Ottomans

Witness the complete transformation of Frey Norris Gallery into the slickest quintessence of California ever to grace a gallery space, an examination and celebration of the many things perverse, sentimental, magnificent, cliché, warped and saccharine that often define our enchanting state.

View four by six foot painted portraits of conflated icons like Lauren Bacall, James Dean, Clark Gable and Jim Morrison with modern day celebrities like Demi Moore and Kobe Bryant.

Hotel California will also include a giant Sequoia tree made with wetsuits, a life-sized bear decked out with fortune-cookie fortune fur hovering over a mini Humvee, thousands of golden keys (with a treasure hunt), a door to a Watercloset with separate fountains for "Americans" and "Immigrants" embedded inside, and a Levitra "Casting Couch" and Cialis ottomans all manufactured by the artist.

Frey Norris
456 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tuesday - Saturday, 11-7, Sunday 11-5