Trek Thunder Kelly - Artist

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Trek Thunder Kelly - Governor of California

Are you tired of the same old thing? Boring career politicians who are out only for themselves. Deficits careening out of control. Pollution marring our skies and waters. Are you looking for stability, reliability, and consistency? Who better than someone who has proven his dedication by wearing only blue, every minute of every day?

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Bravery. Integrity. Judgment. Vision. Imagination. Truth. Justice. The Californian Way.

Trek Kelly is an artist from Venice, California who is deeply concerned about our great state's current crisis. Not only was he an effective and driven Student-Body President who organized meetings with other student leaders around the city, he was also a member of Youth and Government, gaining valuable political expertise as a page in the state capital. Charities are also very important to him, whether it involved being a ball-boy at various wheelchair tennis events, or volunteering with the Exceptional Children's Foundation. As a youth, he was frequently offered the opportunity of military academies, and even thought about becoming a Marine or a Navy Seal. Some of his friends in college were ROTC. He was in Vietnam. A proud Black-Irish American, reputed to have Native American blood, he understands what it means to be an immigrant and not to be an immigrant at all. In addition, he enjoys the support of friends from many ethnicities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds.

In the past fifteen years, he has surfed Californian waters, skied Californian mountains, driven Californian roads, and eaten Californian food. To better understand the industrious citizens of our state, he labored among the people, gaining a wealth of experience from differing layers of the California work environment, interacting with valets and bartenders, movie-executives and High Tech CEOs. At the age of 24, Trek realized his life-long dream: owning his own business selling buttons. He was then involved in producing one of Elmore Leonard's first movies before plunging into the art world, never realizing this path would lead to a shot at the governor's mansion, and the possibility of running the sixth largest economy in the world.

Trek, 33, holds a double B.A. degree from UCLA in International Economics and History, with a minor in Japanese. He lives modestly on the beach in Venice.

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