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Participate in spreading the message of Super-pop! For only $14.95, plus shipping and handling, you will receive this fashionable, deluxe 18"x24" poster. DO NOT place these posters in obvious places around the city. DO NOT cover up the advertisements or posters of other companies. Recite to yourself, as you DO NOT do these things, that Super-pop means absolutely nothing -- it's branding for branding's sake. You may now consider yourself an artist.

In addition, each of these Super-pop posters has been blessed by an ordained minister, and is GAURANTEED to bring you good luck, as long as you consistently pepper your conversations each day with Super-pop. The poster is for viewing only, and should not be eaten. Individuals easily offended by pink bubbles should seek counseling, and can consult Trek Kelly himself at the low bargain price of $1,000 for 1 hour. At the end of your session, he will proclaim you an artist and will hand you a signed graduation certificate, a laminated card for your wallet, and an OJ Simpson Kitchen Knife Set as a free gift.

Thanks for participating, and check back for further products and announcements about how you can continue your artistic career by spreading Super-Pop.