Trek Thunder Kelly - Artist


Trek Thunder Kelly - Painting Lauren Bacall

Artist Trek Thunder Kelly (1969-2009) was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A third generation artist, Trek double-majored at UCLA, subsequently moving to Venice Beach, California. Over the past 10 years he has built a formidable Specialty Advertising company, Kaioti Promotional Gear, catering primarily to media giants and major corporations. His years as a gladiator on the front-lines of the premium world naturally affected his art, compelling him to expose and explore commerciality and modern culture.

Trek often mixes and contrasts images that causes the viewer to see them under different contexts, and thus allows them to more fully explore their meaning. He has imprinted condom wrappers with Gerber's baby food logos, manufactured OJ Simpson Kitchen Knife sets, and embedded icons, like Che Guevara, in Dolce and Gabana ads.

In addition, as an artist, he espouses the idea of inserting art unexpectedly, and out-of-context, into our daily reality. For example, in 1999, he wore a three-piece, black-tie tuxedo every where, every day for a year, challenging people's ideas of fashion, and art. In 2003, his "blue period", he took it a step further, spending $20,000 to have his entire wardrobe changed into the same shade of royal blue, and gaining international notoriety as the blue candidate when he ran against Arnold in the California Gubernatorial Election. In 2006 he performed "WORD" - an interactive poem that unravelled, one word per day, across his chest over the course of the year.

While engaging in painting, collage, and sculpture, Trek also believes in the artist's responsibility to explore emerging mediums. He is currently incorporating the internet as a tool and interactive factory for art.