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The Blue Period (2003) - Excerpts
"...My decision to wear blue was caused by a commonly asked question: what would my next project be? I decided, very simply, to wear blue for a year. As an artist, it would be my "blue period"... I liked the sound of it. Choice made, I didn't want to make it easy on myself. I knew navy was a cop-out, and baby blue could almost be cool, so royal/electric blue (i.e. smurf with a tan) became the obvious choice, primarily because it actually existed in stores, and when it was combined into a full outfit, it looked completely ridiculous. Initially, I located plenty of blue suits with blue derbies and blue crocodile belts and shoes, at the Fox Hills Mall, but they were sized for giant African-American guys and far too big. Thank god for the Italians and gay men. I found just what I was looking for with Versace and at I also brought reams of blue fabric to a tailor who replicated personal favorites from my wardrobe. My rules were very strict. Everything had to be royal blue, including my underwear, within a 3-5 degree shading variation. I had to wear blue at all times, and was only allowed a small amount of silver (metal zippers, etc.) or black (soles) on my body. became invaluable for my custom shoes. I even procured blue condoms, but retired them after several embarrassingly unsuccessful uses. ..."

"... Before my blue period, I had the annoying tendency of smugly glancing into reflective surfaces. Wearing blue broke me of this immediately. It was best not to see myself. In fact, I found the best way to shore up my confidence was to avoid reflective surfaces altogether. Each day, I would take a deep breath to muster up my courage before walking into public. I soon began to realize that I shouldn't look down either, thus I managed to maintain a content oblivion, except when noticing expressions on other people's faces..."