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1999 - Tuxedo Phase

1999 - Tuxedo Phase
A Portrait

2003 - The Blue Period - A True Story

2003 - The Blue Period
A True Story

2006 - The Word - One Word, One Year, One Poem

2006 - The Word
One Word, One Year, One Poem

Reality-based performance art is an effort to combine art and reality, to insert art, out of context, into people's daily lives, inviting and sometimes forcing them to look at something twice. I want to entice individuals to engage with interact with it; and I want the art to leave an impression after it's gone. My aim is to cause "a glitch in the Matrix", to create something that reverberates through the material of existence. I am learning that reality is a medium to mold, that the tools are embedded in actuality, and that the world is our gallery.

My goal is to push beyond performance art to challenge the viewer directly, taking real situations, and weaving them into something they must confront and participate in. With performance art, there is an audience; with reality-based performance art, there is no audience, everyone and everything that interacts with it is part of the piece; you become part of the art simply by witnessing it, by reacting to it, by acknowledging its existence. Below are a few of my installations, with brief descriptions of the process, choices, and experience.